Thursday, January 26, 2012

A World of Magic in a Blade of Grass

There is a world of magic hidden in a blade of grass, but it is so easily passed by as we rush through our morning routines. Our cameras allow us to see things that our eye often overlooks. 

Taking my camera out into my backyard yesterday morning felt like an act of prayer as it allowed me to see more deeply into the beauty of the every day objects I take for granted. 

It gave me time to focus on my breath as I needed to make sure that I pressed the shutter in between breaths so as to keep the camera as still as possible.  It made me look deeper.  I was drawn to the dew on the grass but when I looked ever closer I was mesmerized by the drops of water clinging to the blade of grass.

It made me aware of the magic of life.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I find it interesting that the more technology improves the more I seem to want to recreate photographs that have a retro feel to them.  However, I love the fact that digital photography allows me to play and experiment as much as I want without spending money on film. So when I found the website Poladroids I was very excited as I can now create polaroid-looking photographs using my digital photographs! The fun thing about the application is that once downloaded (this is free) a Polaroid camera appears on your computer screen.  You then drag and drop your digital image into the camera and it makes a noise like a Polaroid camera and then ejects the print onto your desktop.  And to make the experience even more authentic you have to wait while the print fully develops - just like a real Polaroid camera.  I can see myself spending hours playing with this application!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Photo Transformations" at Art and Soul, Virginia Beach

Join me at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach on Monday, March 5th, 2012 for "Photo Transformations".

Using old photo prints we will create journal background pages of depth and interest. We will add color to these photo backgrounds and then using our photographs we will cut and collage these onto our backgrounds and add meaning with words and embellishments. We will learn to draw on our images to add our own “mark” and style to our photographs. You can even use transparencies of your photographs to add mystery to the pages. We will learn how to use old film negatives to add interest and framing to a series of images and how to create a foil background to our images. The pages we create can then be used individually in our personal journals or can be joined together with lace and fabric to create an individual one-of-a-kind book. We will be working on 5”x7” old photo prints which the instructor will provide (the instructor will also have 8”x10” and 3”x5” sizes available if you would prefer to work on this size). A sewing machine will be available so you can machine sew your books pages together.

Between now and March is a perfect time to think about the images you want to collect for your creation, and go on an artist’s date with your camera to find them. It might be statues in an old cemetery, some close-up flower images, photos of your collection of frogs or owls. Use the time before Art and Soul to start looking around you for inspiration. You’ll find when you focus on finding something you want to photograph you start seeing more of them.

For more information and to register visit Art and Soul Retreats.

"Inspired Vision" at Art and Soul, Virginia Beach

Join me at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach on Sunday, March 4th, 2012 for "Inspired Vision".

We don’t just use our cameras to make an image; we use every part of ourselves to envision and create it. Our “vision” is both literal and metaphorical, encompassing not only our eyes but also our intellect, our emotions, and our other senses as well as our passions, our likes and dislikes. We put all these things into each moment of observation. The photographer Dorothea Lange said: “In a sense, your photographs are your autobiography.” Our images show how we see the world and what is important to us. To express ourselves in a powerful and meaningful way we need to know the language of vision to understand what makes an image come alive.

We will spend the first part of the morning exploring the language of vision which will guide us to become more soulful photographers. We will talk about composition, how to experiment with different perspectives, and most important how to open our eyes to see the world in a whole new way. With this new knowledge we will then take our cameras on a scavenger hunt to gather images to play with once we return home.

After lunch, using photographs of doors we have brought with us (or those provided by the instructor) we will create one or more symbolic Doorways of Insight. Doorways have a symbolic significance in our lives. They are thresholds to our inner and outer realities. Your camera is a tool for rediscovering the world outside – and inside – your door. We will learn a number of different ways to add meaningful words to the image hidden behind the door. We will mount these doors on canvas panels, but you can also bring your journals and create Doorways of Insight directly on to your journal pages.

For more information and to register visit Art and Soul Retreats.