Sunday, April 21, 2013

iPad as Photo Art Studio

I've spent a great deal of time during the past months playing with the photo apps on my iPad as I'll be teaching a workshop on the iPad as Photo Art Studio at Art & Soul in Virginia Beach this coming week.  What fun I've had!  There are so many exciting apps out there, and they are pretty easy to use, especially compared to using Photoshop.  Most of them just need a couple of taps and your photo has become a work of art.

One of my current favorite apps for taking an ordinary photo and turning it into something that looks as though I have been working hard with a canvas and paints is Pencil Camera HD.

I love that I can look at dozens of ideas in a space of minutes and choose one that resonates with me.  As I've never taken time to learn how to sketch, being able to create sketches from my photographs is really exciting for me.  I am so grateful to the technical geniuses out there who make this possible!